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Did you know? 56% of the ads served on the web never actually appear on a screen. With more than half of ads never seen by users, the industry is quickly realising the importance of being able to measure ads that are considered viewable.

What is Viewability?

Viewability is a metric in digital advertising that tracks impressions that are actually seen by real users. It is a growing metric being adapted by more and more advertisers as it provides more accurate reporting on their ad inventory.


Can I measure it?

Viewability is a measurable metric. It is calculated by the position of the ad, the amount of time the user spends on the page and what percentage of the ad is visible for the user.

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How can I improve it?

Viewability standards are still evolving and undergoing improvements. As an advertiser you must stay informed about how to improve viewability across your ad vendors.

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Use our free tool to diagnose your ad viewability

Whether you’re an advertiser or a developer, add this line of code to your page and our Viewability widget will detect and analyze how viewable your ads are.

<script src=""></script>

The widget instantly shows you

  1. Percentage of the ad staying In View

    Our on-page widget tells you what percentage of the ad is visible. Once the ad comes in view the tool evaluates its viewability and displays real-time results.

  2. Time Spent in Active View

    It shows for how long the ad has been visible for. Common advertising standards require 100% viewability for at least 1 second.

  3. Viewable or Not

    Taking all calculations into account, it evaluates whether your ads are considered viewable.

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